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Top Five Reasons You Absolutely Should Attend the Empty Cradle Walk to Remember

October 13, 2019 | By Catherine McNulty | General

When I was invited to attend the Empty Cradle Walk to Remember way back in 2011, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was nervous and unsure if I should take my friend’s advice and go.  I hadn’t talked about what happened to my son with anyone and I didn’t think anyone else could understand my grief.   My husband didn’t feel ready, so I decided to go by myself.  I wondered silently, would I feel uncomfortable?  Would I know what to do or say to others?  What if I cried the entire time? 

I left the event feeling tired, but a little lighter than when I arrived, as if the weight of my grief lifted ever so slightly.  Each year is a unique experience that brings me more healing, now that I share the event with my rainbow baby.  Below are the Top Five Reasons You Absolutely Should Attend.

  1. Support Empty Cradle’s mission to help other families– Our mission is to comfort the grief of an aching heart and ease the pain of an empty cradle. Tears of love and loss need a place to share their story and connect with other loss families.  We are a non-profit organization run completely by volunteers.  All proceed from the Walk to Remember are used to directly support families of loss.  We appreciate and celebrate all those who generously support our mission.  Thank You!


  1. Join a community of families who have all experienced loss. Each year, hundreds of families come together to remember and celebrate their babies by sharing their experiences and walking together. Consider releasing a dove as a symbol of hope or creating a personalized sign to line the walk pathway.  Purchase raffle tickets to win some great prizes and show support for others by wearing a T-shirt with the names of babies we loved and loss.  The air will be filled with bubbles from bubble guns as children run, play and give us hope for the future.  This is a beautiful, uplifting experience that will promote healing to all who attend.   


  1. To Honor Your Baby or Babies you’ve lost – Your loved ones may forget to acknowledge your loss as time passes but, if you’ve lost a child, you will never forget. Invite your family and friends to walk with you, to share in your experience and learn more about how they can best support you.


  1. To Reflect Your Grief Journey – You have walked and continue a journey that most people cannot even fathom. Celebrate how far you’ve come and what you can do to continue to heal.  Use the knowledge of what you’ve experienced to give you hope as you keep planning for your future.  It’s okay to feel joy again when you are ready. 


  1. To Remember and Celebrate – The Walk to Remember is a time to remember and celebrate the moments you shared with your baby, no matter how short. And even though they aren’t with you, the love you have in your heart will never leave you. 

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