Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, Education & Remembrance

Communty Education

Hospital and Office In-Service, Brochures, Memory Boxes & Loss Materials
Hospital and Office In-Service Brochures, Memory Boxes & Loss Materials

Community Education

Our goal is to provide support and guidance to the healthcare community when they care for bereaved families. We offer in-service presentations to local hospitals and doctor's offices. Please contact us if you would like to request an in-service presentation from our volunteers.

In addition to providing support and education to healthcare professionals, we also provide loss supplies, Memory Boxes, Miscarriage Bereavement Bags and Sibling Backpacks to local hospitals.

Our Memory Boxes include:  Storage box, When Hello Means Goodbye, brochure, card from another bereaved parent, parent journal, Rights of Parents and Baby card, blanket, 2 hats in different sizes, 2 diapers in different sizes from Teeny Tears, hand or footprint air dry clay, hair collection bottle, glass butterfly tea light holder and lavender candle, 2 rubber cause bracelets, Always in my Heart charm, cause pin.

Our Miscarriage Bereavement Bags include: Tiny hat and diaper from Teeny Tears, Miscarriage Book, worry stone, rubber cause bracelet, Always in my Heart charm, cause pin, brochure and card from another bereaved parent.

Our Sibling Backpacks include: Drawstring backpack, the children’s book We Were Gonna Have a Baby, But We Had an Angel Instead, stuffed teddy bear, coloring book, crayon pack and stickers.

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Memory Boxes

Miscarriage Bereavement Bag
Sibling Backpack
CuddleCot Donation to the Naval Medical Center San Diego
CuddleCot Donation to the Naval Medical Center San Diego

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